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Thank you for your interest in the Receptra affiliate program. We currently have a professional and successful program with affiliates that are in alignment with our brand and corporate values. This program has been specifically designed to reward owners and operators of websites and online communities that promote Receptra’s products and drive qualified online traffic to the website.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with all professional affiliates who have a connection to the industry, promote a healthy active lifestyle and are interested in working with a committed, knowledgeable and dynamic team. Please fill out our questionnaire below and one of our team members will be contacting you directly about how best we can work together.

Please note that while we appreciate all folks who are interested in, and supportive of, our company, this program is not a Multi-Level Marketing platform (MLM) nor is it a platform for individual customers or advocates of our business to become involved. We are also not accepting any affiliates who mainly provide coupons on their website.

If you are an energetic, supportive customer who has benefited from our products and would like to get involved, we are in the process of creating a rewards program specifically for you.

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